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  • The Deftones are one of the pioneers of the nu-metal age. Brought to the mainstream with the help of Korn (although I’m sure they did not really need any help as talented as this band is) the Deftones unleashed the album “Adrenaline”. In my mind the second most influential and important album to all those aspiring crossover artists. The first being Korn’s s/t.I call the Deftones’ music emo-core with more of a harder edge. The music is extremely heavy featuring thick and exquisite guitar work by Stephen, blood-throbbing bass by Chi, accentuated by steady drumwork courtesy of Abe, creating a fusillade of tempo-laden music that can be aggressive or just plain soothing. The musicians’ talent is very evident on this album and Stephen, Chi, and Abe just flow so well together creating music that is special.Once again, it’s not the music itself that makes this band so great but it is the songwriting and vocal talents of Chino Moreno that gives the Deftones that special edge. Chino is by far one of the most talented vocalists out there (also my favorite vocalist alongside Brian Armer-formerly of Juice) whose ability to switch from melodic crooning, to rap-singing, and hardcore screaming is nothing short of brilliant. “Adrenaline” showcases all of Chino’s vocal abilities and then some, although the lyrics leave something to be desired.The album is a complete masterpiece from start to finish featuring such songs as “Bored” and “Firal” which exhibits their softer side. For pure, adulterated, aggression, check out “7 Words”. “Minus Blindfold” and “One Weak” showcase the best of both worlds while “Engine No. 9″ and “Root” feature that rap-metal vibe.The Deftones are my all time favorite band, not just for creating this album “Adrenaline”, but for creating music that I can relate to more than any other that I have heard. And like a fine wine, the Deftones merely ripen and mature, evolving into something finer and more artistic as the years go by. The Deftones will definitely be around for a long time. June 20: Prepare for the White Pony.

    Posted on February 4, 2010