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  • These are some of the adjectives i’ve seen used to describe this album. Toss them out the window. I don’t like when this album is overanalyzed and seen as “their rough debut.” I don’t classify this album any different than that of their 3 ladder cd’s. This is just as good as those. This is a bit heavier but no less great.
    1.Bored 9.5/10…One of their first hits ever, and this sounds alot like what was to come. With whisper to singing verses and screaming choruses. Great song.
    2.Minus Blindfold 10/10…This is a new favorite. I never really listened to this song full through or never really payed attention when it was on, boy was i missing a treat. This song is great.
    3.One Weak 8.5/10…This is a tad slower and a decent song. Doesn’t grab my attention too much.
    4.Nosebleed 8/10…Most people hate this song, and yes it does sound a bit like korn. But hey, i like korn, so i’m fine with that. Very heavy, but my favorite part is in the middle when the music stops and keeps coming back.
    5.Lifter 9/10…Alot like One Weak, but better. A softer song throughout until the end when it explodes.
    6.Root 8.5/10…One of the more “Nu-Metal” songs on the cd. I personally like the chorus alot, but this song is just pretty good.
    7.7 Words 10/10…One of my favorites. This song has a funky kind of verse with a blistering heavy chorus. Then the bridge in the middle is priceless.
    8.Birthmark 10/10…Another great song. This one reminds me of something that could be found on their self-titled. I love this song.
    9.Engine No. 9 8.5/10…Alot of rapping in this one. Probably the heaviest on the cd. A little much at times but still a good song.
    10.Fireal 10/10…Yet another one of my favorites. I like the second half of the song better than the first, but running in at 6:35, this song is a treat.
    11.Fist 9/10…This is Chino’s cure influence kicking in. A totally misleading track, extremely quiet and soft. And when you can hear Chino’s voice, it’s beautiful.

    So don’t think just because it’s not overproduced or wasn’t very successful doesn’t mean it’s great. I love popping in this and just enjoying good ole’ Deftones.

    Posted on February 4, 2010