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  • This is after the brilliant “Hysteria” Def Leppard’s second best album by far and no mean feat considering the drummer only had one arm by this time and Steve Clark had just died! Almost every track is brilliant and the hit single “Let’s Get Rocked” is actually one of the weaker tracks too! It’s frightening how much better it’ll sound once they get around to remastering this thing.

    Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. Given the very hefty price tag on this thing in order to justify upgrading from your existing copy, it has got to be a major improvement at least from the aesthetics of the cardboard sleeve and especially when it comes to sound quality. The cardboard sleeve is nothing to shout about given what is currently out there e.g. The Band, Hall & Oates etc that have been very well designed from thicker good quality cardboard which is so well assembled that you don’t fear it coming apart when the glue wears out like it is here. In fact, when it comes to the mlps version of “The Band” the only way to describe it is as a brilliant work of art; you’ll have to see it to know what I mean about someone having great pride in his work to come up with what I believe is still the very best mlps version of an album that is currently out there.

    The inclusion of the inner jacket replica and an insert with all the lyrics in both English and Japanese also isn’t enough to justify a ridiculously expensive upgrade. The biggest crime though is the SHM-CD sound quality which is really very poor. In fact, my existing old copy sounds even better! Listening to both, there is nothing to distinguish between the two except for the cardboard sleeve with the SHM-CD label on the front and the vastly different sound quality which is no better than the old copy. I’m disappointed to have waited so long and this is what they have come up with: poor mlps design and sound quality that is no improvement over my existing old copy. The only plus is that they have added two bonus tracks: “Miss You in a Heartbeat” and “She’s Too Tough” which is a nice touch. I have placed SHM-CD orders for other albums that are due to reach me soon and I hope and pray that they are much, much better sounding versions than this one.

    Given the very high price on this baby for a version that is no improvement over the unremastered old cd that you already have, this is a rip off and a major waste of money in these uncertain economic times.

    Avoid with as wide a berth as possible!

    Posted on March 1, 2010