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  • These one-star biased, uneducated 1 star reviews are disgusting. If you dont like it because its “too dark” or “too grim” or whatever, what the hell are you doing listening to Tool? The whole purpose of the Heavy Metal genre is to be like this and Tool does this perfectly. If you want something lighter go listen to your Ashanti or whatever. This CD isnt for everyone!! OR if you need something a LITTLE less abstract, try “undertow” which is great, too. AND let it grow on you. IT DOES TAKE MORE THAN A COUPLE OF TIMES for this CD to grow on you. It didnt start to grow on me until like a month after constant listening. You have to be patient with this CD to notice everything that goes into the craft of these songs (or opuses for that matter). This is undeniably one of the masterpieces of the 90’s. Thanks to careless reviews, this CD has gone from its 5-star rating (where it should be) to 4 1/2… to the levels of Backstreet Boys and Michelle Branch. Tool’s better than that. YOU CANNOT DENY the raw talent of the instrumental arrangements on this album. you just can’t. I wanna see how many people looking at these can actually tell a good CD from a bad CD. click the helpful icon if you have recieved the reward from vast repeated listens of this CD.

    Posted on February 8, 2010