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Aerosmith - Gold

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  • This is a repackage of “Young Lust” (which I don’t think did well due to “O Yeah” being released the same year), which is good if you like the “Permanent Vacation” to “Get a Grip” era. They went back to Sony/Columbia for “Just Push Play”, “9 Lives” and “Honkin On Bobo” and the song they did for “Armageddon” won’t be here….

    The only good thing about this are the alternates and b-sides. I think if you have “Pandora’s Box” this one is a good supplement to it. But everything from mid-90s on would be left out…

    “O Yeah” is still the most comprehensive and has the best of both labels.

    I think Geffen (the label that sued Neil Young for not sounding like Neil Young when he was on the label) would’ve been better off putting out the videos on DVD and rereleasing “Big Ones” as a combo CD/DVD as well as the MTV “Unplugged” they did.

    The music’s still good, but the fact that it’s a repackage of a CD that wasn’t released that long ago takes this one down a few pegs.

    Posted on December 2, 2009