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  • After two decades of not being quite sure what my opinion of Aerosmith was, I finally broke down and bought this CD two weeks ago.I can’t stop listening to it.There are some odd things here–for example, how come “Make It” is so good, even though Joe Perry’s guitar solo is not quite in tune and is totally out of time? Is he playing along with a different song? And who did the lousy overdubbed lead guitar on “Somebody”? It’s played bad and edited even worse. And what’s with the goofy intro to the great “Walkin’ The Dog”?The real revalation, after years of hearing nothing but talk of coke addictions and internal squabbling associated with Aerosmith, is how fun and downright optimistic this band can be. “Make It,” “Dream On,” even “Mama Kin,” all sound to me like declarations of independence and musical freedom from Steven Tyler. In it’s best moments, this album doesn’t just rock; it SWINGS.”Dream On” is pure magic–and inspired, too, because there is nothing else here with the same level of musical sophistication–and it hasn’t been rendered impotent by radio overkill the way that contemporaries like “Stairway To Heaven” or “Smoke On The Water” were.I’m shocked to find that this record is carried NOT by Joe Perry–most gorups of the genre lean so heavily on lead guitarists–but by by bassist Tom Hamilton and (I spent years trying to avoid saying these words) the GREAT Steven Tyler.I’ve spent two weeks listening to this, two weeks searching for the word to describe Tylers vocals, and I keep coming back to my initial adjective: MUSCULAR.My god the guy can sing. He makes me feel strong and macho just listening to him. Trust me, that’s saying a lot.I loved the Rocks LP years ago, but even that album didn’t display the guys throat like this CD. He could do ANYTHING at this point, and they were fresh off the bar circuit. He was what–20?–and gave Jagger a run for his money, right out of the box.I hate to admit it, but you can now count me among the Aerosmith clan.Rats.

    Posted on December 16, 2009