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Aerosmith's Greatest Hits

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  • If most disc’s can hold up to 80 minutes of music, why only 37 minutes on this greatest hits collection? Then I have to think back to 1980, and cd’s really weren’t around yet. The album was still short tho. 37 minutes might be okay if it’s a regular studio album, but a band as HUGE as Aerosmith can’t be served justice with a best-of package containing 10 fairly short songs. I own everything Aerosmith has ever done with the exception of 1994’s “Box of Fire”. Aerosmith has some great albums to draw songs from for their 1st and most important “Greatest Hits” package. Possible songs from their debute: “Mama Kin” & “Make It”. From “Get Your Wings”: “Season’s Of Wither” and “Train Kept A Rollin’”. How about the title track from “Toys in the Attic”? Possible tunes from perhaps the greatest hard rock album EVER…. “Rocks”: “Nobody’s Fault”, “Sick as a Dog”, or “Home Tonight”. They grabbed the right tunes from “Draw The Line” – no problems there. And they missed from “Night in The Ruts” the two best tunes, “No Surprize” and “Three Mile Smile”. Everyone’s tastes are different and you can’t please everyone… my thinking is that for the most part this is a pretty good play list of songs, BUT, it is way too short -and- some Aero tunes were more deserving than others. Remember this – all Aerosmith is CLASSIC.

    Posted on March 7, 2010