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After Forever [Bonus DVD]

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  • After Forever is another female fronted group, who joins the ranks of Nightwish, Epica, etc.

    This is the first album I’ve listened to of theirs, and honestly, I was not all that impressed. Nothing really blew me away. However, there are some pros and cons, IMO about this album and group, in general.

    The album starts off with a bang; the first 4 tracks are very, very solid. Energize is a fun, hooky song, and honestly, probably the best song on the album. Discord is good too, and I’m not a fan of growling, but he growls understandablely, not like Behomoth where you will need a lyrics sheet or a translator.

    After the initial barrage of quality music and songs, I find the album lacking. I hear alot of rehashed music, nothing new. For instance, De-Energize has an opening that sounds like metallica’s One, just not nearly as good. A few songs I swear they were going to go into a storyteller mode and start talking about gnomes or dwarfs, heavy rhapsody influence in some of it.

    The vocals are good, the women’s voice can be very overpowering, especially through headphones, and the music itself is pushed back. Whereas, nightwish, other the other hand, the vocals are more pushed back while the music seems to take center stage.

    Overall though, for the 9 bucks I paid, is not terrible, but I would have expected more. Nothing on this album really screams out at me.

    Posted on February 21, 2010