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  • Strength in the face of adversity is certainly what Sepultura has shown by bouncing back from tragedy, and releasing one of their best albums. The loss of singer/guitarist/founder Max Cavalera was devastating and most fans thought the band would not be able to continue. However, Sepultura followed their hearts and moved on finding the perfect replacement for Max with Derrick Green. The music that comes forth in the album Against blows away their last album Roots, and almost reaches the same heights they acheived with their masterpiece Chaos A.D. The downtuned guitars are gone in favor of a more traditional sound, so is the muddy production of Ross Robinson in favor of a more clean, but extremely heavy sound. The album kicks off with the fast-paced title track which asserts the return of these metal giants. “Rumors” is one of the most powerful tracks of the album addressing the war of words between the remaining members of Sepultura and the departed Max Cavalera. “Common Bonds” is another gem boasting immense drumming from Igor, and blistering guitar work by Andreas. The band heads in a more hardcore direction with their new muisc, “Floaters In Mud” and “Drowned Out” are two prime examples. Gordo of Ratos De Porao lends his vocal talents to “Reza,” a modern companion to “Biotech Is Godzilla.” Metallica’s Jason Newsted collaborates with Sepultura spawning “Hatred Aside,” something which can only be described as a Motorhead song on steroids. Sepultura’s tradition of incredible instumentals continues with the drum driven “Tribus,” the fuzzy distortion of “F.O.E.,” and the ominous apocalyptic “T3rcermillennium.” The cultural inspiration of this album is drawn from Japan where Sepultura teamed with the percussion group Kodo for the mesmerizing “Kamaitachi.” Against is the beginning of a new Sepultura, one that recognizes, and is proud of the past, but poised to move on into new territory as the kings of metal!!!

    Posted on January 19, 2010