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  • Against all odds the thrash, turned death, turned progressive international phonemes return with their most experimental and ambitious effort to date. Brazil’s metal gods, Sepultura, intend on initiating an entirely new generation of fans into the immortal Sepul-Tribe with this definitive collection of angst. Building upon the groundwork they began to lay with the tribal offerings from the Roots/ Chaos A.D. era efforts while still maintaining the onslaught of the Cogulemo Records days, the quartet encompass what was their past, while defining their present and anticipating their future on their 8th full effort in almost 15 years. The recent addition of Derrick Green on vocals (replacing the departed Max Cavalera, Soulfly) contributes to the bands evolving dynamics, allowing for the band to experiment with near-clean vocal executions, traditional thrash and death growls, hardcore bantering and even whispers and tribal calls. The inclusion of an even wider array of world influences, beyond those of their homeland in South America, sees Sepultura embracing the full musical community around them while building on the thrash/ death metal groundwork that defined an era. The raw bite of the writing has matured and become more refined while the gritty emotional drawl is still the backbone of the groups sound. Always emotional, Sepultura expand the drive to incorporate, now more than ever, that ideal while embracing the full palette of colours available to them atmospherically, instrumentally and sonically with a progressive harmonic and percussive approach thier a new direction, or rather interpretation, in metal. Continuing their political and social stance and incorporating personal issues into the lyrical content, Sepultura challenge the listener beyond the realm of music to face issues they might avoid and overlook in their own lives. Sepultura continue to strive for one-ness of community and the equality of beings throughout Against.Rebel! Against pop-metal music… Against the trends of culture and government… Against your own personal disbeliefes and internal issues… And join the Sepul-Tribe in a revolution to free the hearts, souls and minds of the (metal deprived) world.

    Posted on January 19, 2010