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  • This album is probably the most disapointing album I have ever gotten. Sepultura have consistently put out great albums like Chaos AD (their best) until this one. The new leader singer stinks compared to Max. Its as if these songs were written in two minutes and slapped together. The lyrics are extremely lame even for most metal group’s standards, and the music is totally uninspired. Let’s check out some of the new lyrics. “See your brain/Watch it drain/See your greed/Watch it breed” said over and over as the chorus. Well at least it rhymes. I must hand it to Sepultura, those are some extremely creative and thoughtful lyrics. Yeah, right!!! Or what about “Cannot divide (X3) No”. Pure genius. HA HA. I wonder if they knew this album was bad, but figured they’d make a few bucks anyway just because they have the Sepultura logo. Usually even if I buy an album of a group just because its a certain group, I can at least find a few songs I remotely like. There is not even one good song on this album. Sepultura should rename themselves something different because they are not worthy of carrying the Sepultura logo without Max.

    Posted on January 19, 2010