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  • Sepultura’s first album with Derrick Green on vocals is actually a pretty good and sufficient follow-up to 1996’s “Roots.” It’s plenty creative, because tracks like “Tribus” and “T3rcermillennium” are instrumentals which explore the band’s Brazilian roots (with foreign instruments like rattles, whistles, and tribal drums). Plus, “Kamaitachi” is an Asian flavored track with Japanese percussion. But, since this record incorporated some groove metal and hardcore punk influence, there are still plenty of catchy, heavy, groovy guitar riffs, here (especially on songs like the title track, “Choke,” and “Drowned Out”). “Floaters In Mud,” which features some great drumming by Igor, and “Hatred Aside” (a song with Jason Newsted on guitar and vocals) are two other standout tracks. Derrick’s vocals may be somewhat one-dimensional, and no one can replace Max, but Derrick’s yelling is still quite powerful. The bottom line is “Against” won’t go down in the history books as being a classic, rip-roaring, thrash-metal masterpiece, but if you give this album a shot, you’ll realize it isn’t half bad. Recommended for the hardcore Sepultura fan.

    Posted on January 19, 2010