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Age of Winters

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  • I love heavy music, but when you hear something that might strike up some interest and then the singer starts screaming his guts out, it’s a complete turn off. What ever happened to good, hard, stripped down metal riffs and vocals. Finally a band that actually gets it. I heard The Sword a few months ago on a comcast music channel and immediatly went out and bought the cd. It’s been stuck in my cd player ever since. Last night I drove 3 hours to see them live and it was worth every mile. Alot of people have complained about the vocals on this album, but fot me this was one of the selling points. I’d love to cram the mic down the throat of some of these idiots that do nothing but scream through every song. To me that takes alot away from the music. Heres a frontman who dosnt try to overshadow the instruments with an annoying singing voice. Sure, they sound like Sabbath, but I’m in my 20s and thank god somebody from my generation wants to bring some Sabbath-type metal to modern times. Dont forget, this band just formed 2 years ago and this is their first album, their not rich, so to all of you leaving reviews complanining about recording and sound quality, maybe you should stick with bands that have been out for a while. Support The Sword and bring metal back to where it should be.

    Posted on January 7, 2010