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Agent Orange

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  • This is an oldie but a goodie. Back in the day Sodom were it when it came to thrash. Lots of people considered their sound a cross between Slayer and (old) Metallica and yes that may be a good assumption but Agent Orange is definitly a classic thrash metal album. Perescution Mania IMHO is their best but Agent Orange comes in second. If you want to be educated in where thrash came from definitly pick this one up. I highly suggest you pick up Perescution Mania or better yet Mortal Way of Live which includes all the best Sodom songs played in a live setting in 1988. Trust me, when you listen to Mortal way of Live you can feel the energy they gave off. The only song that disturbs me is “Incest” Online there were rumors that Angelripper wanted his own sis. Yikes. Why sing about it!? Could just be a rumor back in the day.

    Again, this is classic. I recommend three classic Sodom CDs which include this one, Perescution Mania, and Mortal way of Live.

    Posted on March 14, 2010