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Agent Provocateur

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  • After the massive success of 1981’s “4″ and it’s subsequent tour, Foreigner took a couple of years off before returning in 1984 with “Agent Provocateur.” Although it didn’t do the business that “4″ did (and how could it have?), “Agent Provocateur” was still a big hit album for the band, and it finally gave them their long sought-after #1 single in the form of “I Want To Know What Love Is.” With the exception of that beautiful ballad plus a few others, “Provocateur” has an even more rocking feel to it than it’s legendary predecessor, with Mick Jones’ scorching guitar and Lou Gramm’s full-throttle lead vocals at the forefront. Ah, but Foreigner wouldn’t be Foreigner without their trademark keyboards or the band’s fine sense of melody, which “Provocateur” has both of in great abundance, too. Once again, Foreigner rock the house in great style on songs like “Tooth And Nail,” “Growing Up The Hard Way,” “Reaction To Action,” “Stranger In My Own House,” and “She’s Too Tough.” And the softer, keyboard-led stuff is wonderful too—”I Want To Know What Love Is” is an instant Foreigner classic, and “That Was Yesterday” (a Top 20 hit), “A Love In Vain,” “Down On Love,” and “Two Different Worlds” are also great songs. Powerful rockers and ballads throughout, excellent production work, and electrifying performances from the band, not only Jones & Gramm but also bassist Rick Wills and drummer Dennis Elliott. From end to end, “Agent Provocateur” is a solid Foreigner album.

    Posted on December 3, 2009