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Agents of the Underground

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  • ok, first off i only gave it 4 cause I’m comparing it to other strung out, it would be an easy 5 for any other artist, and close to 4 1/2 for strung out. lets get started, this album most closely sounds like exile in oblivion compared to any other, you could mix and match tracks and would never notice. I love all their albums, I think the weakest is American Paradox which i still like, it just had too many songs i skip, but also has some amazing songs. This album is easy to listen to all the way through, only 11 songs, they all blend nicely. the best way i can tell you about this album is to compare the songs to other strung out, some people might disagree or come up with better comparisons but this is just my opinion
    1. black crosses, most like velvet alley, very fast, great song, mabye the best on album
    2. carcrashradio, most like somnombulance or solitaire, most poppy song but not that poppy, still probably my least favorite track and its not that bad
    3. fever and the sound, most like, blackhawks over los angeles, i love this song, fast, good beat, great solo, unbelievable
    4. heart attack, most like scarlet, very catchy to sing along with, mid tempo, great song
    5. vanity, most like letter home, slower song, very emotional and dark
    6. ghetto heater, most like war called home, another fast one, great song, a little more upbeat
    7. agents of the underground, most like lucifermotorcade, heaviest song, totally metal, love it
    8. nation of thieves, most like cemetery, most alternative sounding song, good not great
    9. jack knife, most like no voice of mine, another faster totally metal one, awesome
    10. dead spaces, most like her name is blood, fast, alot of tempo changes, awesome intro like her name in blood
    11. andy warhol, most like swan dive, at first a little disappointed that they ended with a slow one, but its a great song, very catchy, makes you wanna sing along, feel good song, kind like diver too.
    anyway, hope that helps people

    Posted on February 17, 2010