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Agents of the Underground

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  • While many people talk about Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues as being Strung Out’s best work I completely disagree. That album is good but it is inferior to many of the bands later releases such as Twisted By Design and Exile in Oblivion. The musicianship of Srung Out really started to stand out on Twisted By Design. On that album, Strung Out proved they weren’t your run of the mill punk band and that they were technically sufficient and a notch above their peers. While many followers of this band disliked the departure from the fast skate punk material of the early albums and venture into metal inspired punk, the band has done a 180 and caught many people off guard. Agents of the Underground does show the band has returned to their roots but the metal influence is still there, and the songs are still technical. This is a great album and one of their best imho.

    Posted on February 17, 2010