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Agents of the Underground

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  • as usual almost nothing any other reviewer says about this album relates to my listening experience so i’m going to throw in my two cents. ghetto healer is the clear stand-out, basically the only song here with a chorus melodic enough to be distinguished from the verse. the album as a whole is probably their most redundant and going through the motions sounding. the fact that it seems like they made it without really trying is kinda impressive in an odd way because with the distinct style they’ve developed, even on autopilot the music they produce sounds compelling in small doses. if you just want another record showcasing Strung Out’s inimitable thrashy pop-punk style you’ve got it, but it’s kinda disappointing if not dumbfounding that they don’t think it’s worth putting in the thought and effort to make the songs stand out from each other more. it’s like they really have the option of pushing themselves to do something compelling on each track but are content to rest on their laurels. they’ve always been an unpredictable band with seemingly random ups and downs so i’ll have to remain at least slightly open to the possibility that there is some subtle brilliance here i’m not picking up on.

    Posted on February 17, 2010