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  • This cd is absolutelly jaw-dropping at points. This band can only be described as technical, yet senseable, brutal, yet beautiful, unbelievably off-tempo, yet always in time. This band goes from in your face death metal, to pure sludgy grind, back to hard and heavy and then, out of seemingly nowhere, smashes your face with melody, and its not just thrown in there for the hell of it.

    I am a melodic death/progressive metal freak myself, so I was skeptical when I heard about this “Technical death” band. Most bands who are “technical” are technically crap. They make music that makes no sense just for the sake of making no sense and seeming to be on the edge of a revolution. This band NEVER goes too far. They have a very diverse mix of melody, technicallity, and hard-edged death/grind metal style. The only band I listen to who even compares (who they are actually friends with, btw) is All Shall Perish, which are also on, imho, the REAL forefront of the melodic death revolution. Someone mentioned an influence in a review I believe, Death, and it is quiet clear that these guys took it upon themselves to take Chuck’s work and bring it beyond even his wildest dreams. My only regret is that its only 8 songs. I eagerly await the next slab of molten death from these guys, cuz it will rule the earth m/

    P.S. I defy you to find me tighter drumming than what is done on any song on this album, drumming that perhaps makes the entire cd worth what it is.

    Posted on February 19, 2010