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Alice in Chains - Greatest Hits

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  • Why do I say this? Because Alice in chains never wrote a bad song. Instead of getting the “Greatest Hits CD” (which is the third “Greatest Hits” this band has come out with: “Music Bank” and “Nothing Safe” preceding it); go out and get “Dirt”, “Jar of Flies/SAP”, “Alice in Chains (Tripod)”, and “Unplugged” instead. That’s only four discs, and you’ll get all the music that you’re going to miss on this ten track CD.This is obviously some sort of contractual obligation album. Since the band has no new material, they have to put out yet another Greatest Hits. Actually, if you want a really good Alice CD, which is virtually a greatest hits, just buy the “Unplugged” album. I hate to support Mtv, but it really is their best album. Honestly though, rather than buy this Greatest Hits, it’d be worth it to pick up “Dirt” and “Jar of Flies” instead. Those two CD’s will give you six of these ten tracks. Also, check out Jerry Cantrell’s solo stuff, it’s really good!

    Posted on November 15, 2009