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Alice in Chains - Greatest Hits

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  • It saddens me that record companies are willing to resort to this kind of marketing. The only difference between this album and “Nothing Safe” released 2 years ago is the name and the fact that it has 5 fewer songs. Nominally, this will be Alice’s “Greatest Hits” album though really Nothing Safe has done the job quite well. There is no need for this.The only reason I’d buy this album is because I love Alice In Chains and I seek to have everything they’ve made. There’s no value in this besides another CD that says “Alice In Chains” on my rack. Instead of resorting to this nonsense, Columbia would have done much better by either releasing a CD of “authorized” bootlegs of live recordings and rare tracks, or released a video of live Alice material. This compilation doesn’t come close to filling a CD, and is a stark reminder that maybe Columbia and not Alice is now running the show.

    Posted on November 15, 2009