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Alice in Chains

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  • Before I start, I’d like to ask: Why do some people hate ‘Frogs?’ This is my favorite song off the record. Long, sludgey, great guitar and bass. I’m a bass player myself and I found Frogs fun to play along to. The rest of Tripod is great as well. What I dig about Alice In Chains is their sludge grunge is backed up by melody. Very enjoyable, headbanging material here. This is obviously the late Layne Staley’s masterpiece, having written most of the sings on here (Cantrell’s work is also great) and singing his best yet. Grind – Nice opener, great chorus. Sounds kinda like classic, old Alice in Chains (Facelift).Brush Strokes – This song doesn’t really catch my attention. Kinda weak compared to some others, but some nice guitar stuff going on here.Sludge Factory – A great, powerfull, heavy riffing tune. One of my favorites.Heaven Beside You – most mellow track, and one of the best. This is some great work by Jerry Cantrell.Head Creeps – Second only to ‘Frogs’. ‘Head Creeps’ and alot of stuff after it are more fast paced. I love the little “no more time” thing Staley does.Again – Great stuff here. Fast paced, like ‘Head Creeps’.Shame in You – Another mellow one, and this one doesn’t really catch my attention like some of the others. Still pretty nice, though.God Am – Probably the best opening guitar riff I’ve ever heard. Great song. So Close – Short, isn’t it? Short but sweet, actually. This is a great song, and once again, I like the guitars.Nothin’ Song – This one cracks me up. Definitely not filler, contrary to what some folks think. Frogs – The best song off the album, and the 2nd best AiC song ever. This one never ceases to amaze me. The melodic guitar riff at the beggining of the chorus…Wowzer. And the mumbling at the end, while making no sense whatsoever, is still a part of the song, and pretty darn good, too. Great song. Much better than the unplugged version, which was also great.Over Now – Yea, AiC is over now. But with Tripod, they went out with a bang. ‘Over Now’ is a J. Cantrell song, and a good one at that. You can really tell the difference between the styles of Staley and Cantrell.Tripod, Facelift and Dirt are like grapes, apples and oranges. All different from eachother in style. But I guess I like the sludgey, melodic, slow paced Tripod a bit better than the first two LPs. I reccomend this to any rock fan.

    Posted on December 31, 2009