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Alice in Chains

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  • I would say this Alice In Chains album is much more “complete” than the previous ones. All the songs have a certain mood to them and they are very dark. Songs are more complex than in Dirt. Tracks like Brush Away, Sludge Factory, Head Creeps and Again are very heavy and will get you going if you are looking for great, distorted riffs on this album. There are slower songs too, like Heaven Beside You and Shame In You and there is some darkness thrown into those as well. I would agree with other people’s comments on Layne Staley. He doesn’t scream and use his voice as he used to do in Facelift, but he is still great and very different from any of the other singers I heard in my life. He is a very talented man, and you can still hear that on songs like Frogs. I would say that there are nearly no fillers on this album (there are just 2 in my opinion), and all the songs rock. If you have listened to previous Alice In Chains albums or even Unplugged, and you liked them, I strongly urge you to buy this one. I think this album is their best. But it takes time to get used to it, and you probably will not like it the first time you hear it.As for the people who have never listened to an Alice In Chains album or heard just a couple of tracks of them, don’t buy this album. If you are one of these people, I advise you to buy either Dirt or unplugged, THEN get this cd. This was my first AIC cd, and it took me a long while before I started liking it.

    Posted on January 1, 2010