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Alice in Chains

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  • I Know that i am part of the minority but this is my favorite album by alice in chains

    Grind: 10/10 Awesome and great jerrys voice is good at the start. throughout the whole song jerry and lyne sound magnificent with jerry as the main guy with laynes voice backing it and it sounds great.

    Brush Away: 9.7/10 Great as well i like this song a lot. a semi acoustic start and the song has good lyrics like” my conception a joke or latest craze; i try to get away and yet i stick around so fall and crawl away and brush away loose ground” the solo is alright but sounds a lot like the rest using jerrys favorite tool obviously the “wah” bar.

    Sludge Factory: 9.6/10 One of the heaviest riffs at the start and the ending is one of the best because of whatever theyre doing but all you can understand is your weapon is Kill! the song is good and jerry doesnt sing at all it is all layne but it will surprise you how hard the starting riff is.

    Heaven Beside You: 10/10 Jerrys song and it is one their best the entire song is unclear and semi acoustic i think its about jerrys exgirlfriend or something like that.

    Head Creeps: 9.7/10 One of the best songs on the album. laynes voice could not sound wierder but the song has great lyrics like ” tired of infantile claims” or “one day my head creeps someway my head leaks some way my brain leaks some way” then he does creepy moaning screams.

    Again: 9.2/10 Maybe good but the lyrics are all very short in all
    the songs lyrics to the song are very simplistic as i stated has a very catchy tune.

    Shame in You: 8/10 Is good but is the start of the less heavy songs very moany

    God Am: 9.1/10 Good but i like the live version better as well picks up the heavy again layne says something about gods at the beggining but i cant tell what he says

    So Close: 8.7/10 Great. but it sounds a little out of tune the start has a guy say something like hes got my eyes.

    Nothin Song: 6/10 Too long and you have to listen to it a lot to even come anywhere to like it took me forever just to listen to it…

    Frogs: 7/10 continues to the longness but its pretty good just like nothin song

    Over Now: 9.8/10 Another all Jerry song and it is awesome but semi acoustic so it sounds like it needs to be on sap just like heaven beside you an all jerry song and is very calm and melodic. jerrys voice is very smooth.

    Posted on January 1, 2010