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Alice in Hell

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  • The first album from Annihilator is a classic one. This is thrash metal at its best, plenty of good guitar riffs and solos. Jeff Waters showed for the first time there his impressive technique and talent, with those guitar “phrases” and “screams” that sealed the Annihilator style forever. You’ll love how guitars deal with dynamics in this album, and how their sound can be aggressive, dark and lyrical at the same time. Annihilator is a machine of playing music, with tempo changes and breaks that could qualify them as a progressive metal band, instead of thrashers.”Crystal Ann” has a classical touch that takes your breath away from the beginning. It introduces then “Alison Hell”, a masterpiece full of great riffs and musical experiments. The entire album has a vocal style a little bit rough for a non-trained ear, but it fits well in the dark style that Annihilator proposed in this CD. “WTYD” is a powerful piece, with amazing solos and rhythmical shredding.However, I give the entire album four starts because it contains many other material with no transcendence, written only for headbangers, in spite of the quality of the whole CD. Nevertheless, this is not a show stopper at all. Said in one sentence, don’t miss how Annihilator presented itself to the world! This release, although their first album, is a very good piece of artwork, and a must-have for any metal fan.

    Posted on December 7, 2009