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Alice in Hell/Never, Neverland

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  • How can people prefer Metallica, Megadeth or Slayer instead of Annihilator is something unclear to me and really makes me sad.How can’t the world value the talent of Jeff Waters?
    Well, if you are into thrash metal or virtuosic guitars but done with originality and memorable riffs and awe inspiring and breathtaking changes in tempos, it doesn’t get better than Annihilator.Some may argue about Set The World On Fire being too much pop-metal oriented or that the voice of Jeff diminished the power in such gems as King Of The Kill or Remains (all albums post – Never, Neverland)but the intense glow with sheer perfection of this two first Annihilator jewel albums can not be touched!
    The fact that Roadrunner gives this two to you, the elusive buying public, at the price of one album and remastered both of them plus bonus tracks is mind – blowing!
    Highly Recommended! What are you waiting for? No, you don’t need to listen to samples! Just buy them.You will thank me.Trust me!

    Posted on December 4, 2009