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Alienating Our Audience: Live

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  • Brilliant songs that go from thought provoking to hillarious. Great Performances! Awesome new songs and amazing interpritatons of old and hard to find gems. This Is The Future Of Punk Rock! If you don’t get the joke than you probably are the joke. To the one person that gave them a bad review I say this: Of course Kitty isn’t playing all the drum parts. She is playing her parts while keeping up with complicated jungle beats that only a machine can create. Steve is playing all of his parts. The other guy you saw “playing” guitar is infact a guitar tech tuning Steves next guitar because he knows Steve might destroy his at any moment. You need to get out more and see more shows so as to be even slightly educated before reviewing a concert or live performance again. Mindless Self Indulgence aren’t brilliant musicians and thats not the point of what they do. Put down your dumb metal records and pick up the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks” c.d. Maybe then you’ll get it. A clue that is.

    Posted on January 23, 2010