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Alienating Our Audience: Live

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  • With but one full length album (“Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy”) under their collective belts, fishnets and garters, one might think that it’s a bit premature for New York electropunk audioterrorists Mindless Self Indulgence to be issuing their first live collection. But one would be wrong (as one so often is), seeing as there’s nary a single song from “Frankenstein Girls” on the new “Alienating Our Audience,” and seeing as how MSI have probably played live before more and larger crowds than any other unsigned band in America, having been handpicked to open for the likes of Korn, System of a Down, Cypress Hill, Staind and Rammstein. They’ve earned a live record, dammit, and they deliver a good one with “Alienating Our Audience,” which offers six previously unreleased songs, plus such crowd-pleasing essentials as “Tornado,” “Molly” and “Diabolical” (from the hard-to-find “Tight” EP), and “Panty Shot” (from the impossible-to-find “Bring the Pain” cassette single). Sound is good throughout, with MSI’s hyperspeed riffs and histrionic rants making the transition from studio to stage very, very well–largely due to the nail-biting intensity of singer Little Jimmy Urine’s pre-programmed beats and bombs. Urine’s vocals, too, are strong (which may surprise those of you who think that, no way, he can’t really sing like that without studio effects, can he?)(yes, he can), as are the live musical meltdowns bashed out by drummer Kitty, bassist LynZ and guitarist Steve, Righ? Try as they might, Mindless Self Indulgence appear to be too good to alienate their own audience–and here’s betting, based on the evidence presented on this disc, that they might have even stolen some other acts’ audiences from them as well.

    Posted on January 23, 2010