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Alive and Dead

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  • This E.P. is an example of the silliness of Six Feet Under at it’s greatest and at it’s worst. A death metal band (other than Death) covering Judas Priest is a pretty silly idea, the live production isn’t horrible but could have been a little fuller and the originals reek of “write now think later”. This though, was used to promote the band against an increasingly successful Cannibal Corpse whom had found the majority of the benefit sales-wise from the drama resulting from the Barnes split. Barnes wanted to prove the Six Feet Under was here to stay…and this release is enough to hold hardcore Barnes fans over for a moment or two.

    The two new songs aren’t good nor bad…with “Drowned” being the finer of the two new compositions. The Priest cover of “Grinder” is an absolute joke though and offers little to be examined. The live tracks plod along from “Haunted” solidly enough. The production could have been stronger but hey…it’s a bonus E.P. right? The slamming version of “Human Target” cannot be denied. “Suffering in Ecstasy” and Lycanthropy” aren’t half bad either. The best material obviously is culled from a previous record so one can’t fairly label this release as a songwriting success for the masters of slow-burn death metal.

    If you aren’t a big fan of Six Feet Under there really isn’t any reason to be part of this recording. If you’re only a passing fan I might say the same. For people like me who are gluttons for punishment and claim everything Barnes puts to record no matter what – this has a few worthy moments.

    Odd…as the following “Warpath” would show the band at their Celtic Frost aping best while the originals on this are simple “there”.

    Wonders never cease…

    Posted on March 11, 2010