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Alive III

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  • Alive 2 wasnt up to the level of the original Alive!16years after Alive 3 come to stores whats worth the bait?EVERITHING this album is outstanding Alive 3 is basicly a live remake of the 80s kiss albums with a couple of kiss classics.They also included 4 songs from their last studio album`revenge`wich is great.Its not the great Alive but its good its does sound includes songs from almost every 80s album exept a couple like unmasked,the elder and others.It doesnt excludes classics like detroit rock city,deuce,watching you and others but it focuses mainly on the 80s.Eric Singer does a great job at the drums so does Bruce Kulick at the guitar part his `star spangled banner`performance is very impresssive.There is 16 songs live from 1993 ,the booklet included has cool pictures inside.If you just listen to it then its not as good as on the`confidential and exposed`dvd wich includes most of the Alive3 concert,it looks amazing and they are performing at their best.Its a good value this album is outstanding!i love it.Maybe its not from the original lineup but its good anyway.a great effort on this live album.there is a missing song`take it off`that they did not include here.very recomended!

    Posted on December 28, 2009