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Alive III

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  • ALIVE III(1993). KISS’ third live record.

    There have been several legendary bands out there-The Beatles,Aerosmith,Led Zeppelin,Van Halen,among others,and of course,there is KISS. KISS have put out several live records to this date-and how does their third live record,ALIVE III,measure up? Read on for my review of this:

    This record,while it may not have been ALIVE I or Alive II,is the best career spanning live record KISS has ever put out. When KISS released this album in 1993,they had been big for exactly eighteen years,so even though Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were no longer accompanying Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley when this record was made(for those of you who are new to KISS,Frehley and Criss rejoined the group in 1996 and,at different times,both departed from the group in the early 00’s),this live album still turned out really good. The lead guitarist in KISS when this album came out was Bruce Kulick,who,in my opinion,was the most talented out of the replacement guitarists KISS has ever had(the remaining replacement guitarists of KISS have been Vinnie Vincent,Mark St. John,and Tommy Thayer,who is their current guitarist)and Eric Singer was their drummer at the time(Singer is also currently their drummer. This album opens with the live version of CREATURES OF THE NIGHT,which sounds killer when it is performed live(Bruce Kulick’s guitar work and Eric Singer’s drumming on this track are both really good)and that is followed by the live version of DEUCE,a song off of KISS’ first album–Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer may not be Ace Frehley or Peter Criss,and the KISS without make-up may not be the KISS without make-up,but both Kulick and Singer do quite a good job at accompanying Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on this track,and the whole band performs with a lot of energy on this track. As for the other moments on here–well,Gene Simmons helps bring the live version of UNHOLY to life,you feel a little bit of “magic” when you hear I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN’ YOU performed live(I know–Ace Frehley,Peter Criss,make-up,and costumes aren’t accompanying Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on this track-it may seem weird that I say there is magic on the live version of this track–but to me,it sounds true),Eric Singer does a great job at kicking off the live version of I LOVE IT LOUD with his drums just like Eric Carr did on the original studio version of that song on CREAUTURES OF THE NIGHT–in the meantime,the show closes nicely with Bruce Kulick performing STAR SPANGLED BANNER by himself on guitar(awesome job at the guitar part,Bruce!)–I really don’t need to say more about this live album itself,but here’s another bonus about it:the liner notes are VERY cool. They(the liner notes)feauture pictures of Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley,Bruce Kulick,and Eric Singer live and in concert(as well as a picture of them together–the pictures of them live and in concert are pictures of Simmons,Stanley,Kulick,and Singer standing away from each other)as well as other rare photos.You even get a thing that shows all of the bands Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley,Ace Frehley,Peter Criss,Eric Carr,Vinnie Vincent,Mark St. John,Bruce Kulick,and Eric Singer were in before/after KISS,the people who they were in the bands with,as well as lines that show what band a certain band member went to after they had left a certain band–now how cool is that?? Very Cool!!

    Overall,an excellent live record. The only reason why I am knocking off one star here is because when KISS released this live record overseas,they included a live performance of the song TAKE IT OFF that originally appreared on REVENGE,but they did NOT include the live version of that song here–VERY irritating for loyal and die-hard KISS fans living in America. But otherwise,everything else here meausures up pretty well–check this live album out. You won’t be dissapointed.

    Posted on December 28, 2009