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Alive or Just Breathing

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  • I don’t understand how someone on here can say that fans of heavy metal won’t like this album. I love heavy metal and I love this album. KSE is an awesome band. I mean, sure it’s not like it’s pure death metal or anything, but it is what i would call “heavy” music. Seriously people stop trying to be so hardcore by saying bands aren’t “brutal” or “loud” enough. That is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. How loud or brutal a band is doesn’t make you more hardcore. It’s just music for godssake!
    Anyway, enough ranting. Alive or Just Breathing is my favorite KSE album. It’s heavy, fast, melodic, and extremely wonderful. There is just enough fierce growling, clean vocals, and amazing guitars, to please the ears of any heavy metal listener. There was not a single disappointing moment on this album. If you think KSE’s new album is too melodic, than I highly recommend ALOJB if you don’t already have it. Sure, it’s still melodic, but you’re not constantly overwhelmed by clean vocals. Overall, this album has a very nice production. Fans of hardcore and metal will enjoy this. Trust me. Don’t hesitate to buy this album if you want to headbang to some real metal. = )

    Posted on February 2, 2010