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All Hope Is Gone

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    Wich is the better new Slipknot song, ”Psychosocial” or ”All Hope is Gone”? (3 posts)

  • Avatar Image 4urafaj_sinna4 years, 5 months said ago:

    both off the as of yet unreleased 4th album

    if you haven’t heard them yet, you can listen to “All Hope is Gone” on slipknot’s myspace, and “Psychosocial” on youtube

    for me, “All Hope is Gone” is more hardcore
    btw, I just noticed i spelled which wrong. sorry

  • Avatar Image GIOVANNA34 years, 5 months said ago:

    thats the best one

  • Avatar Image 6maUmayh4 years, 5 months said ago:

    Slipknot has never been one for guitar solo’s, that solo sucked as and usually they are suspose to be played when the song is like 3/4’s done, wasn’t very long either.. But like I said, they have never really been a band for a solo or a riff like that..

    I still think Slipknot sucks though, they’re doing nothing unique in this album, nothing I havn’t heard before..