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All Hope Is Gone

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  • Ok, im going to get killed for saying this. Im sure the “maggots” will think this is blasphemy, but here I go. Slipknot, from day one, have been a nu-metal band. Yes I know, this comes as a surprise to those of you that havent actually heard a black, death, or thrash metal band before. Ths samples, the lack of guitar solos, the rap type vocals…..equal nu-metal. This album, however, has caught me off guard. I heard Pshychosocial and was Impressed. I heard great riffs, gasp…an acutal guitar solo, and even a Hatebreed type breakdown towards the end of the song. Yes kids, this isnt the usual screaming, random samples, and chugga chugga nu-metal riffs that you have grown to expect from this band. They really made a diverse “metal” album this time. I think these guys have really grown as musicians, and it has finally started to show. If you think im off point, go listen to Nile, Behemoth, Emperor, Kreator..Those are “metal” bands kids..talented bands. Slipknot has now joined their ranks…..

    Posted on January 27, 2010