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All the Right Reasons

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  • Nickelback was a band I had heard of, but I’m not very into the modern music scene. My friend suggested this CD to me.

    I ordered this CD with high hopes. When I got it and put it into my laptop, everything seemed normal. There was every song, different names, different lengths.

    I listened to the first song, and all was well. I then moved on to the second song.

    It was the exact same song? I knew I couldn’t be mistaken. Surely every song would have its own unique attributes to differentiate from the others. I went on to the next song, and then the next…but every single one was the exact same.

    I called my friend who had suggested the CD, but she said her CD was fine and that maybe something was wrong with mine. We got to talking about music videos and she told me her two favorites, I went and looked them up online.


    I’m completely confused. Why are all the songs exactly the same?

    Posted on February 15, 2010