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All the Right Reasons

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  • On the surface, Nickelback has always appeared a band arguably too hard for pop radio but perhaps too mainstream for most diehard rock traditionalists; however, ALL THE RIGHT REASONS gives fans of all music the chance to enjoy what they have to offer. It’s one terrific album with crossover potential that should please the group’s strongest followers as well as endear new listeners to the fold. “Photograph” is one great track — written clearly by minds who’ve learned the lessons of looking forward by looking back — but it’s hardly alone: “Far Away” is equally introspective with a broader sound if not a tad more anthemic; “Fight For All The Wrong Reasons” is a head-shaking rock rattler written to please the band’s core fans; “Someone That You’re With” blares out for eventual audiences in arenas around the world; and “Rock Star,” “Savin’ Me,” and “If Everyone Cared” round out just one tremendous listening experience. The album’s definitely worth its spins.

    Posted on February 15, 2010