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All the Right Reasons

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  • Chad Kroeger and his bandmates in Nickelback walk an incredibly fine line on their latest album, “All The Right Reasons”. Not as gritty as some of their earlier material from “The State”, this disc shows a band that understands how to write catchy songs that can make it to the top of the charts while still making music that appeals to their fanbase that likes it a bit heavier.

    With Photograph hitting the top of the charts, it can’t be long until “Far Away” is released and hits it big as well. There are another one or two potential top 20 songs on the rest of the CD, giving this mix a good deal of commercial staying power. This is balanced out with a mix of gritty music such as “Animals” and “Next Contestant” that show the other side of Nickelback. All in all an album definitely worth the listen for the seasoned Nickelback fan and first timer alike.

    Posted on February 16, 2010