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Dreams of Mad Children - Consumption of the Light (Official Music Video)

Song: Consumption of The Light Album: Massacre of The Oligarchs The time has come and I am finally awake. Today all of you will perish. Today all of you shall cease to be. The grossest burden you put on the people of the world will not go on unnoticed and never will it be accepted. I am the son of the darkest of the dark. I will show no mercy and bring forth obliteration. I will show you how what you call the light can be consumed by a little glimpse of darkness, it twists the worst turn. Your light has blinded so many with the evil non-living matters. You secretly plague. Families for families the silent massacre never stops for the voice of the utmost blacks shall sound. They shall sound. The way I carry out the slaughter will take the world to a whole new level, and we with the true morality shall step on your worthless soil of bodies. We forever to the unknown serve the name of fucking justice. Your shelters will do no protection, but will become barricades of fire, trapping, burning you in agony, I humor you for the lives you took. Your people will not assure you safety, be gone and back unpredictably I shall be. One by one will be taken down as I comfortably watch you wait hopelessly and suddenly everything goes black. Everything goes black. Siamese Cynic Production Directed by: Kevin Vivis Visithsiri (K) Shot by: Jiraroj Intaraphim (Hok) & Kevin Vivis Visithsiri (K) Edited by: Thitiwat Thaveesakvilai (Nick)


As Blood Runs Black- Allegiance[Full Album]

As Blood Runs Black Allegiance (2006) Support the bands; buy the cd. \m/ Thank u vbkoder for times 1. "Intro" (Instrumental) 0:57 2. "In Dying Days" 3:41 3. ...

As Blood Runs Black "The Brighter Side Of Suffering" (Official Music Video)

The official video for As Blood Runs Black "The Brighter Side Of Suffering" The new As Blood Runs Black album 'Instinct' is out now!!! Buy Allegiance at: htt...

As Blood Runs Black - Instinct [Full Album]

As Blood Runs Black Instinct Full Album. 1. Triumph [0:00] 2. Legacy [0:40] 3. Resist [4:15] 4. Angel City Gamble [7:15] 5. Reborn [10:51] 6. Tribulations [1...


AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK Live 12/15/13.

As Blood Runs Black - Vision (Pre-Production NEW SONG 2014)

no copyright infringement intended. all rights reserved to original owner Oficial FB PAGE: support this awe...

As Blood Runs Black NEW ALBUM

Join the family and follow ABRB along their journey as they set to record and release their new album Ground Zero on their own with the help of their fans. V...

As Blood Runs Black - In Honor Live Music Video

Shot on the Never Say Die Tour (2011) in Europe. Dedicated to all the men and women who serve their country!! Please share with the world. Lyrics: We are the...

As Blood Runs Black Studio Update

Exclusive Merch, Perks, and Pre - Orders available for a LIMITED TIME at

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days

Finally got a new camera y'all! :D Any questions?Write on my Facebook wall!:) Accessories from: http://metalangelfashion...