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As Blood Runs Black ---- Air Force One

new as blood runs black instrumental sound no fake or lie! read the description bout the lastest news Whats up everybody?!? It is now the closing end to our UK/European tour and we just want to send a big shout out to all our good friends in Despised Icon, Architects, Horse the Band, I Wrestled a Bear Once, Oceano, and our label buddies Ghost Inside for making this trip a blast. We also want to thank all our fans for their continuos loyal support through all these years. We appreciate your patience! This new record we've been working on will be well worth the wait. Believe that!! Back to business! We've been getting flooded with questions and confusion and finally decided to briefly fill you guys in on what's been going on in the ABRB camp. First and foremost we finally got studio time booked and confirmed for our new record!! It was an uphill battle to schedule time with the engineer we wanted and finally locked him down for the project. We will be tracking drums at Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA and guitars, bass, and vocals will be done at Undercity in North Hollywood, CA. Zack Ohren who did our last record will be mixing this bad boy. Tracking for the new record will start after the holidays and should be released mid 2010. Make sure to plan ahead and buy an abundance of toilet paper because when you hear what we have you will soil yourself. Last but not least we will be recording vocals for our track "Airforce One" with our vocal prospect when we get back and will have it up for your listening pleasure on X-mas. Stay tuned for more news, specifics, and updates. Lots more to come!! Keep checking back and let the feedback roll in. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! in-Regards omg0zer.


As Blood Runs Black - Angel City Gamble (NEW SONG 2011)

DOWNLOAD SONG FOR FREE: Album: Instinct. Year: 2011. Genre: Deathcore/ Metalcore. Audio cont...

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days

Finally got a new camera y'all! :D Any questions?Write on my Facebook wall!:) Accessories from: http://metalangelfashion...

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days (Drum Cover)

I learned this songed about 1.5 years ago and finally decided to make a cover of it. I know it's not perfect and a bit sloppy - sorry for that. However I hop...

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

I like practicing heavy stuff like this on acoustic because it improves my technique on electric.

As Blood Runs Black shred on FPE-TV

As Blood Runs Black stopped by FPE-TV to shred just for you. Kustom Amps provide the tone.

As Blood Runs Black - In Honor (Subtitulado En Español)

Artista: As Blood Runs Black Canción: In Honor Álbum: Instinct Año: 2011 Género: Deathcore Discográfica: Mediaskare Records RECUERDEN SUSCRIBIRSE.

As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance - FULL ALBUM - HD

Intro 00:00 In Dying Days 00:57 My Fears Have Become phobias 04:38 Hester Prynne 08:37 Pouring Reign 12:15 The Brighter Side of Suffering 15:29 The Beautiful...

As Blood Runs Black - Resist