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As Blood Runs Black Tryout BIVINS

HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WHATLIESBENEATHNY I HAVE A STUDIO VERSION NOW I have no beef with any of the other vocalists and remember fuckers this isn't American Idol, don't bring your negativity my way, I respect everyone else so you should as well. LYRICS : A paralyzing light blinding your own eyes. Cant you see we are moving toward a dead world of fire and dust. So, today I beg you all to find common ground before our knees we fall. This world is all that we have. But it withers away... oh... it withers away. When it withers, withers away. What will we have to stand upon ? Our own regret... I am sorry that corruption and greed. So many seeds have grown to the hearts of men. They only wish for paper. They only wish for paper. They only wish for faces of men who are dead like them. They only wish for faces of men who are dead. There is no more time the end of the rope crumbled in hand along with our hope. GO ! Reach for the sky it won't be there. For today we fight against all evil and hatred spawned. And hatred spawned. Our nation crumbles at the hands of greed. Now. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND SUPPORT !!! Let's just hope As Blood Runs Black loves me as much as you all do FUCK YOU HATERS


As Blood Runs Black - Vision (Pre-Production NEW SONG 2014)

no copyright infringement intended. all rights reserved to original owner Oficial FB PAGE: support this awe...

As Blood Runs Black NEW ALBUM

Join the family and follow ABRB along their journey as they set to record and release their new album Ground Zero on their own with the help of their fans. V...

AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK - DIVIDED (Live at Jakcloth 2014)

Video taken by ME using Iphone 5 AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, an American Deathcore band from Los Angeles, California performing DIVIDED at Campina Stage "Jakarta Cl...

As Blood Runs Black Studio Update

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As Blood Runs Black - Strife (Chug Chug) LIVE in Jakarta [31/05/14]

As Blood Runs Black - Instinct - Resist

Download Album:

As Blood Runs Black LIVE JAKCLOTH

As Blood Runs Black at Jakcloth 2014 Jakarta, May 31th 2014.

As Blood Runs Black "Echoes Of An Era"

As Blood Runs Black "Echoes Of An Era" off of their album "Instinct"

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days

Finally got a new camera y'all! :D Any questions?Write on my Facebook wall!:) Accessories from: http://metalangelfashion...