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  • Avatar Image Wren_Micaella4 years, 5 months said ago:

    On CNN news today, Pres Bush spoke with disgust about the “unlawful” detention of the 15 british military personel that allegedly entered Iranian borders without permission, how is that any different from Bush signing of the detention bill last year where “habeus corpus” rights can be abolished under justified circumstances?

    I totally DO NOT agree with the “detention” idea that Iran authorities have done, but at least these detentions are not done in total secrecy by Executive Order… where the detainee has absolutely NO RIGHTs of attorney. Iran govt can justifiably state that theya re afraid the “allied forces” might spy on them to invade them as they had invaded Iraq a coupla years ago, thus effectively making the detainees prisoners of war to protect the country from Foreign invasion right?

    Those who are well knowledged in Poltical or Diplomatic law, please help me clear my confusion… Thank you in advanced
    to the Iranian Govt they might be viewed as “potential” terrorists. Given that allied forces invaded their neighbor Iraq from quite a number of years now. They have reason to becareful in case they are next.

    Furthermore… how sure are we that those detained in Guan. Bay are ALL terrorists, if the allied forces can be wrong about something so massive as Weapons of mass destruction… why not detainees?
    My heart goes to the family and friends of those detained, I totally am AGAINST such unlawful detentions and I think what Blair is doing what needs to be done… I am just a little ticked at the indignation Bush put up while making his statement of how bad the other govt was.. when he himself passed/signed a law that runs by similar rules.

    To allied forces, mid east militants are terrorists, to Mid easterns Allied forces are terrorists too for invading their homeland and some of them even raping and murdering WHOLE FAMILIES..not even militants!

    all a point of view from the person who suffers pain
    Lol Silk… maybe ..maybe not.
    Cheyenne, thats exactly what I am puzzled about, would it work the same way if tables were turned? If some Iranian boat got too close to Allied Waters and were captured for political safety….

  • Avatar Image Rylee4 years, 5 months said ago:

    the leaders of out detention facilities dont want to nuke the western world