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Allied Forces

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  • Posted: 3/7/05
    Reviewed by: Lynn Phillips
    Category: Hard Rock / Classic Rock
    Original Release: 1981 Remaster Release: 11/9/04
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    Allied Forces was my first exposure to Triumph and, in regards to rock and roll, my life was changed forever. Prior to hearing this disc, I was a casual rock fan listening primarily to a handful of Kiss and AC/DC cassettes, but that was the extent of my interest in music. Then I purchased Allied Forces based on the airplay “Magic Power” was getting on rock radio. (Can you remember that era?) I was completely blown away by the band’s musicianship and the melodic quality of every song on the album. After seeing the band put on an amazing live concert in Binghamton’s Broome County Arena, I was hooked on all things rock and roll, especially Triumph. To this day, the band has a special place in my life, as they showed me how powerful good music can be. Now that I have acquired the re-mastered version of Allied Forces, the good memories of a by gone era of great rock n’ roll have come pouring back.

    The songs on Allied Forces are all strong, if not incredibly diverse. Ranging from metal (the title track) to pop (“Magic Power”) to folk rock (“Ordinary Man”) to classical (“Petite Etude”), no two songs sound the same, yet all are of superb quality. The best part of the re-mastered versions is the renewed volume and clarity compared to the originals. By playing the discs side by side, the original version of Allied Forces sounds like it was recorded under water. Now, turning up the volume will net you noticeable results and you can actually hear little nuances in the music, especially on the acoustic segments and the “Air Raid” introduction of the title track.

    The lyrics, which were missing in the barren insert of the original, are now included with the remaster. Some people may complain that there are no extra tracks on the disc but I wouldn’t want to water down the quality of the songs with live tracks or throw away extras. What you get is souped-up versions of the original songs, which are meant to be played loud and proud.
    The Bloody Truth: Canada’s “other” three-piece band is, in my opinion, the best import to come from our northern neighbor. On Allied Forces all the songs are nothing short of spectacular, with no weak tracks to be found. Now that the songs have been digitally enhanced, the cd sounds better than ever, and that ought to make Triumph fans very happy indeed.


    Posted on March 3, 2010