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Allied Forces

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  • THE BAND: Ric Emmett (guitars, vocals), Gil Moore (drums & percussion), Michael Levine (bass).

    THE DISC: (1981) 9 tracks clocking in at just under 39 minutes. Originally included with the disc is/was a 2-page foldout with next to no information (an illustration of a Flying-V guitar, and the statement that all songs written and produced by Triumph). The remastered version (1995) contains additional pictures and song lyrics. Label – MCA Records.

    COMMENTS: Canada’s 2nd best rock trio (Rush being the 1st) hit the top of their career with “Allied Forces”… truly a rocking masterpiece. Ric Emmett sings all but two of the songs here, but it’s nice to see Moore’s songs up front in the album. Moore starts off with the rocking opener “Fool Your Love”. The title track, probably the heaviest song on the disc, is Moore’s as well. When I first got the vinyl album in the early 80’s, the title track was the one I kept going back to… that, and 6 minute “Fight The Good Fight” (#18 on Billboard’s pop charts) – arguably the band’s trademark swan song. “Fight The Good Fight” may be inspirational, but the melody of Emmett’s acoustic guitar and the shredding electric guitar solos are what makes it such a strong song – structurely in the same vein as Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” with a soft slow start; the rest of the band joining in making the song heavier as it moves along; great guitar solo(s); lyrically strong; climactic ending. The big hit here is/was “Magic Power” (#8 on Billboard’s pop charts)… perhaps the song the band is best known for. If forced to choose my least favorite track here, it’d be “Hot Time (In This City Tonight)”… not a bad song, but this album is so full of strong tracks that this 50’s style rocker is simply pale in comparison. The deep album gem is “Ordinary Man” – starting off acoustic and slow, a heavy middle section and a mountainous ending. If there is one Triumph album I can listen to any time, all the way through, it’s Allied Forces”. Start your Triumph collection here. Classic disc (5 stars).

    Posted on March 3, 2010