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Along Came A Spider

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  • I have had a promo of this CD for a month and it has not been out of my CD player since. This CD brings Alice back to his roots of originality. From the start there are many riffs that will bring the listerner back to such classics as Welcome To My Nightmare. In fact Track 1 reminds me of the classic Department of Youth from that same album. Most of the familiar sounds are from his 70’s era. There is not one disaapointment on the entire CD. The 80’s were a time that Alice tried to keep up musically with an atempt to get in on the new wave sounds (“Clones..”) then the 90’s more metal but in 2008 he is BACK to what he does best. Yes I have enjoyed most of the trip from the 70’s and just when I thought it was ending Along Came A Spider. Not since he released Alice Cooper Goes To Hell have I been as excited to have a new Alice Cooper album. Older fans will come back and those who have never walked away will be thrilled as am I. The only problem is that FM radio doesn’t hold many spots for airing new music from older artists. However, with some luck, this will be aired on XM and Sirius radio. Do not pass on this CD.

    Posted on January 22, 2010