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Along Came A Spider

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  • Only Alice Cooper can sing a lyric like “You Look Like You’d Fit In The Trunk Of My Car” and bring a smile to your face. The original shock rocker has just released a new concept album, just in time for the upcoming Halloween season. Cooper presents the story of an “Archanaphobic Psychopath” out to collect body parts from various victims…basically a horror film, told in song. “Along Came a Spider” covers quite a few bases musically, and shouldn’t really be pidgeonholed into one “sound” or genre. There are elements of the classic Alice Cooper Band, touches from Alice’s hair metal “Trash” album to his Nu-Metal “Brutal Planet”, and even some musical elements that will remind you of Alice’s New Wave “Zipper Catches Skin” era.

    Prologue/I Know Where You Live – The album kicks off with a cool little “news” report of a serial killers diary being found, and then Alice starts things off with the high energy “I Know Where You Live”. Great tune, and there is a fantastic bass line that really grinds the song along. Excellent tune.

    Vengeance is Mine – Great guitar work by Slash, and an instantly memorable chorus. Alice is still able to tap into that gutteral growl vocally, and does so here to maximum effect.

    Wake the Dead – Ozzy makes a guest appearance here and for some reason this tune really reminded me of the Alice Cooper Band days. I could see this being wedged onto “Muscle of Love”. The drum work is phenomenal here.

    Catch Me If You Can – This is a great tune! This sounds quite a bit like the music found on his “Dirty Diamonds” and “The Eyes of Alice Cooper”. I would love to see this one performed live.

    Feminine Side – I was expecting this to be a ballad along the lines of “Only Women Bleed”, and was surprised at how it rocked out? Really strong tune.

    Wrapped in Silk – Alice has the “creepy” vocal kicked up to 10 on this one. This is the kind of song Cooper is known for, and why he still has legions of fans.

    Killed by Love – This is probably the weakest song on the album, it doesn’t really move the overall story along, and comes off as a hair metal power ballad that wasn’t good enough for the “Trash” album.

    I’m Hungry – Another great tune, which sounds as though it came from his “Hey Stoopid” era. Another great bass track.

    The One That Got Away – As soon as I heard the opening lyric, I was hooked on this song. Just a great rock tune, if you are looking for a single this is it! I would say this is the highlight tune of the record but…..

    Salvation – This song is the highlight of the album for me. Cooper’s vocals really remind of his 80’s New Wave era. I could see this song fitting on the “Flush The Fashion” album perfectly. Just a great song, and well worth the price of the disk.

    I Am The Spider/Epilogue – Fantastic song that wraps up the album. And one of the true highlights is when Alice addresses the “Steven” character again, a character introduced on “Welcome to My Nightmare” years ago.

    In this day and age of pre-packaged pop, recycled tunes and blatant rip-off artists “sampling” classic songs, it’s a genuine breath of fresh air to hear a genuine rock star still producing relevant and enjoyable music.

    Posted on January 22, 2010