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  • Before this album was released, I was reading a lot of reviews saying that its sound is a return to the style they had on their 1999 album, “Home.” But that seemed slightly inaccurate to me because I thought that their last album, “Next”, was more of a return to that sound. THIS album seems more balls-out heavy. I’ve also heard several Sevendust fans including my good friend say that this is possibly their best album yet.
    While I must admit that this is an awesome album, I think “Animosity” will always be their masterpiece to me. However, I can say that its probably their best album since “Animosity.” The second you press play on your stereo, the album bursts into the fast n’ heavy tune “Deathstar.” The album’s first single is “Driven” and it reminds me a lot of “Ugly” from their last album. “Burn” clocks in somewhere around 9 minutes long, but to me this track seems like 2 songs put together as a medley rather than being just one long song. But it’s definitely among the most powerful songs they’ve written. The album closes with the title-track “Alpha” and it’s one of those very heavy “f-you” type songs. This album is a very good example of Sevendust at their loudest and heaviest. My only complaint is that the album didn’t offer up much variety. Even though I prefer Sevendust to be heavy, I think 2 or 3 melodic songs are necessary to balance an album out, but this album is pretty much one cruncher after another. This album also doesn’t offer up much of a change in the band’s style, but I think that’s ok because Sevendust sounds good as they are. This is definitely a great album by the band that you should consider picking up.

    Posted on December 28, 2009