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  • First, I’ll get the good out of the way, as this review is mainly criticizing Sevendusts’ latest 2 albums, Next and Alpha. But- to the bands credit, its great that Sevendust is doing what many others have never done… and thats starting out from their original hardcore roots (Self-titled, Home), evolving to explore their more melodic side (Animosity, Seasons), then reverting back to their true beginnings (Next, Alpha). Sevendust has done all these things extremely well. But something still seems lacking from their past 2 albums.

    The issue here is that Sevendusts’ ability to find their real sound has declined drastically since Clint has left the group. The first 4 albums, despite being reviewed well or not so well, have always had a unique and complete sound. For instance, the Self-Titled album is known for its in-your-face lyrics and heavy riffs. But what made it a truly amazing piece of work is the fact that it also had choruses that struck you and got stuck in your head so well you that you couldn’t get the songs out if you wanted to. The raw heaviness, melodic choruses, the band’s chemistry, morgan’s amazing drumming, and the acoustics were all running on 4 cylinders. Further, look at Animosity (arguably their best album), and Seasons… some of the best acoustics ever recorded in my opinion… the band was on their A game.

    So lets look at these past 2 albums… despite a few good tracks (Hero, Failure, Burn), Sevendusts’ music has been getting progressively sloppier. If you take someone who has never heard of Sevendust before and ask that individual to listen to all their albums, out of order.. they’d probably place Next and Alpha chronologically as one of their firsts.. on par with “Home” (yea, you heard me right, “Home”)… with Seasons and Animosity as their most mature and most developed.

    This shows just how much Clint provided for this band. He was basically the melodic and acoustic brains for the group. In his absence, i’ve been hearing Morgan getting a lot more “scream-time”. I, for one, really appreciated his screaming back on the earlier albums, when it was less often and more intense… but now after hearing it track after track.. each song sounds exactly the same as the other. I love Burn.. but the rest i just sort of like or honestly just can’t listen to.

    I’m not writing this because i hate the band. Sevendust has always been and will always be one of my favorite groups. Save your money and just download Burn off Itunes.

    Posted on December 29, 2009