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  • This is my first foray into what is called drone-doom metal. Heck, this is my first Sunn O))) and Boris album as well. Before this, I had heard of Sunn O))) through many reviews of their works on various profiles on here at Amazon, especially through that of Lord Chimp (I highly recommend for the reader of this to read all of his reviews, their great and very insightful). As for Boris, I had heard of even less. So, back to this album. Well, I was traversing my local FYE one day and came upon this particular album; in fact, I was amazed that FYE even had any of their stuff. So I finally got it and to my surprise, especially after never listening to anything from both bands, I liked it. It was at the time the most dark and even dare I say it, scary piece of music that I had listen to up till then. Before I continue, I must get this out of the way, this is not a split CD, but a collaboration between the two bands. Anyway, as I was saying, this is a dark CD. It’s also slow and a most tracks are over the seven minute mark, with a few over nine minutes. Also, there is very little singing. The only track that uses singing is “The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep), which features Jesse Skyes singing. In fact, I believe that’s the lightest track on the entire album. As for the rest of the musicianship, the guys and gal from Sunn O))) and Boris (and including others) are all spot on. It’s kind of hard to actually describe this music, especially if one has actually never listened to this style before (as I was far from sure to what to expect from listening to this for the first time). The thing I like most about this album, is probably Atsuo’s drumming. It really adds and even magnifies the dark atmosphere that is created by the other musicians. Also, I couldn’t but help here some post rock and even a little psychedelic rock throne into the mix. Well, all I can say is this serves as an excellent introduction, more or less, to those curious to either band. Since I’ve listened to this album, I’ve continued to purchase other works from Sunn O))). Though the thing about their other CD’s is that they the tracks are way longer than those found on here (some reaching over thirty minutes) and that their other stuff is even darker than this. I also like the album artwork. It fits the music totally. But anyway, if you like long, slow, and atmospheric music, and are curious about the two bands, or just want to listen to something completely different, then I recommend this to you.

    Posted on December 22, 2009