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Altars of Madness

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  • “Altars of Madness” sounds as good as ever even after having been released 20 years ago, It’s not a heavy death metal album like Incantations “Onward to Golgotha” but what it lacks in heaviness it makes up for in speed and sheer chaos. In truth, this album is more akin to a cross between Death and Slayer but faster and more intense. David Vincent’s vocals are killer and the music itself just blisters with speed and intensity that was probably unmatched at the time. Lord of All Fevers and Plague is probably one of the most intense and awesome Death Metal songs of all time in my opinion. I love lo-fi production so this album hits the spot for me in terms of that. I like a lot of Morbid Angel albums but i don’t think they ever matched the intensity and old school brutality that this one just exhudes on every song. If you like thrashy old school metal then this one is a must have. All in all this is one of my top 10 death metal albums.

    Posted on November 27, 2009