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  • Talk about a big change in sound. To quote Johan Edlund on Temple of the Crescent Moon, “It’s been five long years”, which was enough time for Tiamat to re-invent themselves. The results? Well, mostly good. Amanethes is one of Tiamat’s most original and exciting releases of their career. The riffs and melodies are great and really harken back to albums like A Deeper Kind Of Slumber and Judas Christ. The biggest change? Johan’s vocals. They are weird. For the first time since Wildhoney, Johan is using that growl of his, which works for the most part. However, gone is the smooth whisper-like singing he used on Slumber through Prey. Johan’s new vocal styling will take some serious getting used to as it is kind of shakey, but it still compliments the music well. Listen to the opening vocals on the first track and the verses on Lucienne to see what I mean. Raining Dead Angels and Equinox of the Gods are HEAVY and they are great songs and a welcome change. Will They Come and Thirst Snake are very somber and melodic, while Meliae is probably the most beautifully written Tiamat song ever. Amanitis has some great mandolin, which adds a very medieval feel to Amanethes. This album is very satanic, but Tiamat somehow make it a beautiful experience. Amanethes also wins best Tiamat album cover ever. Hot! If you are a fan of Tiamat from Wildhoney to present then you must get this album because it is truly an original and new Tiamat experience, it just may take some getting used to. Enjoy.

    Posted on February 9, 2010